A multi-disciplinary and responsive space that was created with the capacity to present large-scale art exhibitions, symposia, conferences, conceptual fashion presentations, film screenings, and corporate experiences, as well as private functions. Concrete has hosted world-renowned institutions, leading educational and cultural networks, and iconic luxury brands.

To discuss bringing your experience to life at Concrete, contact Juhi Raipancholia at juhi@concrete.ae

With multiple configurations, the 600-square-metre space has double-height ceilings, movable soundproof walls, skylights, and translucent 8-metre-high facade doors. Professional museum-grade lighting, built-in video projections, and an ambient sound system with wireless connectivity are provided to create bespoke experiences across art, design, fashion, and performance events.

Iconic brands, leading arts institutions, and global businesses have made Concrete the space for their inspiring and original experiences. The versatility of the space enabled them to create unique and unforgettable experiences for their audience.